One Reply to “Ep. 10 – Faye, Part 1 – “I Was Always Looking Over My Shoulder””

  1. I am new to your blog. I just became aware of it when your name showed up as having spent some time reading things that I had written. You appear to have captured some fascinating stories in an interesting manner. I had to laugh at the reference of Faye’s birth relative to Pearl Harbor. In my career, I was the plant manager of a small food processing facility. One of the employees loved to bake. She made it her personal responsibility to track the birthdays of all the managers, so that she could bake them a cake. U always made sure that we recipeocated when her birthday came around. Every tear she would say “How did you remember that it was my birthday? My response was always, “Patty your birthday is easy to remember! It is the day before the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor! Patty was not impressed. So, U am I pressed that Faye is willing to openly identify her birth date that way. Her story is wonderful. I will be back for the next chapter.

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